Natural Oven Cleaning. (or How to Clean an oven without Chemicals)

I wanted to talk to today about “Natural” oven cleaners. Ever since the “Green Clean” mania hit our culture, Chemicals seem to have a bum rap. Oven Cleaners have a lousy reputation as being highly toxic.(There, I said it.) The … Continue reading

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“Fade away” (Bye Bye, Mold!)

Ultra-Chem’s mold remover, “Fade away”, simply couldn’t have a more appropriate product name. I mean, all you do spritz it on and watch it work. Right before your eyes, the mold just fades away.

I simply don’t have words to convey my sincere enthusiasm with this product. I know, I’m just the UltraChem guy, studiously selling this stuff from my humble work area.

But seriously, if you could have seen my little wife squeal when the mold came off our basement wall, you would understand my zeal.

Fade away is so effective that it removed the mold underneath the plaster. No kidding.

If you have one of those homes with that scary looking mold that pops up, don’t worry. This stuff will eradicate it.

To learn more about Fade Away or to place an order, call Eric Melin at 1-800-451-0726 And ask for extension 1060.

I’m Eric Melin, and I work for Ultra-Chem. Inc.

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Strike Degreaser is probably the most effective, all-purpose degreaser I have ever used.

Citra D is great for those quick clean up jobs, but strike is excellent for serious, heavy duty gunk, especially the kind that’s been around for awhile.

If you have gummed surfaces from old duct-tape residue, or layers of grime by the unreachable parts of your ovens legs, than this is your cleaner.

Strike should be used with gloves, but I have had my skin come into contact with it and it is remarkably mild for such a potent cleaner.

It’s versatile too…you can pour it like a gel, or spray it from a bottle…we send you both attachments.

And the cost? Well, for grease control, you’d be hard pressed to find a better value.

Want to know more? Call Eric Melin at 1-800-451-0726


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Combat Smoke

Combat Smoke Odors

If you’ve ever tried getting smoke out of a room (and I just mean something like cigar smoke), then you know how difficult it can be. Vinegar only masks it, and not with a good smell–unless you love pickles!

A lot of my clients own smoke free-hotels. Which simply means, smokers aren’t “supposed” to smoke there, and in some cases, aren’t even allowed to stay there if they identify themselves as such.

As a matter of fact, many smoke-free establishments will insist that smoking is not a problem in their business, naively stating this to be the case simply because “smoking is not allowed.”

But…if you have ever stayed in a “smoke-free” hotel room, than you know… people really do smoke in them. And the evidence is not hard to find…(whiff).

Smoke-free establishments, particularly hotel owners are very aware of this, though they never admit to it. (How can they? Their livelihood depends on affirming fiction).

But even though they won’t tell you this (not like you don’t know already) I hear about it constantly. Confessions to things like:
Running an ionic air filter for hours, trying to clear the air.
Using refresheners to mask the odor
Having to wash walls, yellow with smoke buildup.

And these “smoke- free” facility secrets are typical!

Think about it…what would happen if the word got out that their establishment regularly housed people who smoke freely? Why, their reputation would be toast.

The simple truth is, these smoke-free hotels and motels simply cannot afford to have any lingering cigarette smell period.

That’s why Combat Smoke Eliminator is one of my best sellers. Hotel housekeeping staff order this by the case. Not that it takes much per application; two ounces is all you’ll ever need to rid a room of lingering cigarette and cigar odors.

Combat is sold by the case, but we do sell a lot of it, so before we’re sold out, give me a call, Eric Melin at extension 1060.
That’s Eric Melin at 1-800-451-0726 extension 1060. I look forward to serving you.

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“Razzle Dazzle” is what I wanted to title this post.  And I almost did. But then I thought that some of you might not click on the link because, well, in the online world, “Razzle Dazzle” can mean any weird thing.

But anyway…I call this product “Razzle Dazzle” because it really does make me want to stand up and say “Ta Da”.  I mean, all I do is spray it on, wipe it off, and there you have it; non-stop shine. If there’s anything old that needs to look new, this is what you use.  Spray it on before the big inspection or on opening day of the new business. Everything will look like those 50’s commercials, where the toaster’s gleam and they superimpose those stars on everything.  In Hollywood, it’s called lighting. In the chemical world,  it’s called optical brightening.  But whatever you decide to call, it’s great.

To Order some Dazzle surface cleaner, call me directly at (913) 492-2929 and ask for Eric Melin.  We ship nationwide.

You can also call me toll-free at 1-800-451-0762 ext. 1060

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Dissolve Drain Cleaner

Dissolve Drain Cleaner is something I sell cases of. And it’s not hard to figure out why; just a few spoonfuls of the crystals wipe out the kind of clogs that send most people to the plumber.  Hotels, hospitals, and especially restaurants regularly reorder this to keep their drain lines free-flowing; it is that good.

If you are going out of your mind with drains that never stay unclogged, give me a call, and try a regime of Dissolve on your drains this month.  You’ll never regret it.

To order the Dissolve Crystals, call Eric Melin at 1-800-451-0726 ext. 1060. I look forward to serving you.

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React Air Freshner Bzzzz. I’m having so much fun writing this article. ( Coffee anyone?)

“Re-act” kind of “spells out” the difference between this product, and other odor eliminators.

The difference between React Air “freshner” and our odor “eliminators” is that one deals with the problem and one masks it.

So, what then, is React good for?  Well, anytime you want to freshen the air, or fragrance it, React is about as potent of an air freshener as you can get.  Around here at the office, we call it Febreeze on steroids.

Not that we would ever want you to confuse React with the other guys stuff. Spray it once and you yourself will know, there is simply no comparison.

You can order Ultra-Chem’s React AirFreshener right now

Call Eric Melin at 1-800-451-0726 ext.1060.

And if you react now, I’ll throw in a free sample (while supplies, and coffee last)!

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